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We are an Indian brand that illuminates your senses and enhances your space with a wide range of premium candles and home fragrance products. Our products are smoke-free, dripless, and burn for hours.

Kindle Your Interiors

Discover the Serenity of Our Candlelight or Create Your Own Glow with Our Private Labeling Solutions.

Perfecting the Art of Candle Making

Redefining candle making with an eco-friendly manufacturing unit powered by technology, skill, & impressive machinery to deliver bespoke products, packaging, and branding ideas.

A Little About Us

Who We Are

We are one of the largest luxury candle manufacturers in Bangalore, India, that designs and crafts premium candles for people who appreciate life’s finer ambiance and subtle opulence. We take pride in our exceptional manufacturing capabilities, high-quality products, corporate branding, and private labeling solutions. Whether you are looking for lights to evoke emotions, add a touch of elegance to your interiors, use as a key mind relaxant, or a perfect handcrafted gift, we invite you to experience the elegance & magnificence of Welburn candles

Explore Our Candle Designs & Crafts

Aromatherapy & Wellness

Handcrafted with an exclusive blend of essential oils, soy wax, & natural fragrances to burn cleanly and create a relaxing atmosphere.

Holistic Spa & Massage

Crafted from skin-friendly oils & natural ingredients for a luxurious spa, experience soothing benefits from our massage oil candles.

Romantic Escapade

A perfect mood creator, our Wooden dough bowl & Jar candles offer an inviting & warm scent that creates a cozy atmosphere in any room.

Home Décor and More

Set a refreshing mood in your outdoor spaces with Luxe Citronella. Comes in different styles for a cozy patio, BBQ parties, & fine dining

Craft & Creation to Delivery & Branding

You Grow, We Will Back You

A leading candle manufacturer in Bangalore, India with over 20 years of experience in supplying Indian-made wax candles to the US & EU markets

Have refined knowledge not only in craft & creation but also in customer service, branding, packaging, and private labeling.

Not just any candle manufacturer in India – also an inventor and a solution provider.

Provide bespoke solutions, including unique product ideation, packaging, logistics, infrastructure, project management, & manufacturing skills.

Cater to large retail brands, importers, & corporates with customized designs, high-level orders, and even small-sized orders of SME candle businesses.

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